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EMDR Intensive Treatment  

See if EMDR Intensive Treatment is the right choice for you!

EMDR Intensive Treatment offers Accelerated Healing

     Traditional psychotherapy often consists of weekly or biweekly 50 minute sessions, which may span months or even years. It can be difficult to meet therapy goals when scheduling conflicts, vacations, or other life events interrupt therapy appointments.

      Intensive Treatment, on the other hand, offers extended periods of intensive therapy (ranging from several hours at a time) into shorter timeframes (a few weeks) resulting in time saved and faster results. This immersion allows you to get to the core issues quickly and safely and facilitates profound healing and lasting change.

Customized Treatment Plans

     Personalized treatment plans are designed to address your unique needs and goals. I will tailor the sessions specifically to target your distressing memories, phobias, or other emotional challenges.

     You will receive a customized workbook that will assist you before, during and after EMDR sessions. It includes additional resources such as breathing and relaxation techniques, self-soothing strategies, communication tools and other resources to enhance and support your healing.

Comprehensive Healing


     EMDR Intensive Treatment goes beyond symptom reduction and aims for comprehensive healing. I will conduct several assessments prior to our EMDR work so that a thorough and effective treatment plan can be designed and implemented. These are additional assessments that are not commonly included in a regular intake session.

     EMDR is widely recognized as an evidence-based therapy supported by a substantial body of research and clinical studies.

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Customized packages are available to meet your needs.